Family Run, Locally Sourced

We are small family owned bakery that strives to do the best we can. We make everything from scratch and use quality ingredients.  We strive to support Canadian agriculture to the best of our ability using flour, eggs, butter, oil, shortening, honey, sugar, etc…that come from Alberta wheat, chickens, cows, canola, bees, sugar beets etc…  We use no preservatives, additives, enhancers, stabilizers or other weird stuff.

We make a lot of different products…breads, buns, pies, donuts, cinnamon buns, cookies, pastries, squares, tarts, cakes, scones, sausage rolls and so on.   We also make odd and unusual things like cronuts, eccles cakes, vanilla slices, poppy seed rolls, cheese bread, Dutch koek and butter buns just to name a few.  We are game to try anything too…so if you have something your grandma, babushka, oma or abuela used to make that you cant find anywhere…bring the recipe and we will give it a go!

We try to have fun everyday and try not to take ourselves too seriously. Life’s is way too short for that! So come on by and enjoy some good old fashioned baking!